Serge Tonnar meets CIPA

Meng Boma

None other than Serge Tonnar visited the 'CIPA Residence op der Waassertrap' at the beginning of June. It was a unique day, which turned into a set of magical moments around music and which was enjoyed not only by the residents, but also by their families and the entire CIPA staff. Explose produced the video for Cipa Residence Op Der Waassertra. A multi cinema camera setup, turned the musical meeting into a beautiful video live session to share this magical moment with the rest of the world.

Client CIPA
What we did
  • Concept
  • Video production
  • Screenwritting
  • Film making
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Color grading
  • Sound mixing
  • Sound recording
  • Stage design

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