If it’s uncontained, is it still content ?

We dance between unfiltered & refined, between Morocco & Luxembourg, transcending tradition to capture culture.
Founded in 2020, Lights specializes in videos, live events & immersive experiences. Our work spans the whole audiovisual gamut, from art direction to live streaming to interactive installations. With each project, we strengthen the brand identity of organizations & causes – swapping skills with explose, our sister agency dedicated to digital branding. Lights is inspired by the unexpected & the deeply authentic. While pushing audiovisual limits, we keep our eyes on the human stories that connect us all.

Inspired by convention?
We didn’t think so.
Let’s try something new.

Lights partners with brands, institutions & artists. Culturally relevant but never conventional, our work speaks of the human experience – brutal & beautiful, but most importantly, shared. With each of our projects, we strengthen the brand identity of organizations & causes. Inspired by art, not advertising, Lights produces videos, live events & interactive experiences shaped by diverse voices. We appreciate the uncommon & deeply authentic, intertwining high production value & universal appeal. In a world overwhelmed by options, Lights makes visceral content worth choosing.
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